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NATO Medal - Kosovo Operations (NATO-KO)

Entry Last Edited: 09/07/2022 | Content ©www.MilitaryRibbons.Info

Ribbon Image
Color image of the NATO Medal - Kosovo Operations military award ribbon
Ribbon Image ©www.MilitaryRibbons.info
Year Authorized:

General Description:
Also the NATO Medal for Kosovo. Ribbon is largely dark blue in coloring with a single thick white stripe at center and thin white stripes at the edges.

Award Criteria (as detailed by various official sources):
Please refer to DOD 1348.33-M, Chapter 7, paragraph C7.5.1.11 for specific individual eligibility requirements. The following are Kosovo Operations: - Operations Allied Force (March 24, 1999 � June 10, 1999). - Joint Guardian (June 11, 1999 � TBD). - Allied Harbor (April 4, 1999 � Sept. 1, 1999). - Sustain Hope / Shining Hope (April 4, 1999 � July 10, 1999). - Noble Anvil March 24, 1999 � July 20, 1999). - Kosovo Task Force Hawk (April 5, 1999 � June 24, 1999). - Kosovo Task Force Saber (March 31, 1999 � July 8, 1999). - Kosovo Task Force Falcon (June 11, 1999 � TBD, coincides with Joint Guardian). - Kosovo Task Force Hunter (April 1, 1999 � Nov. 1, 1999). To recognize subsequent awards (if approved by the Secretary of Defense) for service in a different NATO operation, U.S. service members will affix a bronze service star to the NATO Medal suspension medal and ribbon.

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