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Vietnam Service Medal (VSM)

Entry Last Edited: 08/25/2022 | Content ©www.MilitaryRibbons.Info

Ribbon Image:
Color image of the Vietnam Service Medal military award ribbon
Ribbon Image ©www.MilitaryRibbons.info
Year Authorized:

General Description:
Authorized under Executive Order 11213 on July 8th, 1965. Ribbon features largely yellow coloring with three slim maroon stripes near center and green striping at the extreme edges.

Award Criteria (as detailed by various official sources):
There were 17 different campaign periods, but the first, which was called the Vietnam Advisory Campaign, covered the period from March 15, 1962 to March 7, 1964. During this time there were never more than a few thousand U.S. troops involved in Vietnam. The following is a list of Department of Defense recognized military campaigns associated with eligibility for the Vietnam Service Medal, provided a member meets the award eligibility criteria listed below: -Vietnam Advisory Campaign: March 15, 1962 March 7, 1965 -Vietnam Defense Campaign: *July 4, 1965 Dec. 24, 1965 -Vietnam Counteroffensive Campaign: Dec, 25, 1965 June 30, 1966 -Vietnam Counteroffensive Phase II: July 1, 1966 May 31, 1967 -Vietnam Counteroffensive Phase III: June 1, 1967 Jan. 29, 1968 -Tet Counteroffensive: Jan. 30, 1968 April 1, 1968 -Vietnam Counteroffensive Phase IV: April 2, 1968 June 30, 1968 -Vietnam Counteroffensive Phase V: July 1, 1968 Nov. 1, 1968 -Vietnam Counteroffensive Phase VI: Nov. 2, 1968 Feb. 22, 1969 -Tet '69 Counteroffensive: Feb. 23, 1969 June 8, 1969 -Vietnam Summer-Fall 1969: June 9, 1969 Oct. 31, 1969 -Vietnam Winter-Spring 1970: Nov. 1, 1969 April 30, 1970 -Sanctuary Counteroffensive: May 1, 1970 June 30, 1970 -Vietnam Counteroffensive VII: July 1, 1970 June 30, 1971 -Consolidation I: July 1, 1971 Nov. 30, 1971 -Consolidation II: Dec. 1, 1971 March 20, 1972 -Vietnam Cease-Fire Campaign: March 30, 1972 Jan. 28, 1973 Note: Asterisk (*) indicates the effective eligibility date for the VSM which began July 4, 1965, however the entire period for the Vietnam Defense Campaign is March 8, 1965 Dec. 24, 1965.

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